Fake nudes on request


Fake nudes on request

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Samples of my work

( only work I am allowed to show )

She just needed a haircut. It`s a shame to hide such breasts with hair.. I think I got her body shape in this fake nude. Beside shopping the hair, camera angle was kind of unusual and had to work around the color photo filter for this one. After adding a noise as a final touch, it turned out into a decent fake nude.


fake nude bikini yogaSmallish breasts have a specific shape in pose with hands above her head. Add to that torso tilted to side and chest held out and you are gonna get a challenge to make a fake nude. So how did I do?



fake nude 15Nice fake nude, don`t you think? Making fake of two girls in the same picture is hard. Matching ambient lights, skin tones, and that camera angle... Anyway, I made an effort and it turned out great..

Have you ever tried to crop hair on low res picture? Don`t, it`s a freaking nightmare. So after I improvised with hair and fucked around with the camera angle, got pretty classy fake nude.





fake nude milfFake nude of a bit older, but still hot chick! I found the body that matched her age just perfectly, but colors, tones, exposure and other stuff on nude picture were way off.. When I sorted that out, everything was straight forward to a good fake nude of a milf.




Fake Nude 11The girl showed too little skin on the original picture, so I had to use different body. Similar figure and skin tone. Made it in the same pose with weight on her left leg and torso slightly bent to the side. Opened her coat a bit more and it turned out into the pretty decent fake nude.



fake nude 11Faking nude of those hard shadows took a while. But she was worth it.. And I think it turned out quite realistic. Even her hair turned out decent, considering it was over dark background on original.

fake nudeMaking fake nude of this hottie was a treat. Selfies in a mirror tend to be blurry or noisy and dark, but this girl had a steady hand taking a picture. Thanks for that babe! Awesome girl and preety decent fake, dont you think..



I had to change shadows on this fake nude because of hair. Hair could and should be removed, but its a still OK as it is. For a freebie. I count on you lazy asses that you don`t read stuff I write and you didn`t see freebie word. This is mainly for search engines to crawl for words like fake nude.

  fakerayFakeray is much easier than fake nude. Even tho preparations had to be done like in nude faking, much of sloppy work can be hidden with transparent clothes.

Those cuties almost got fake nuded, too bad work had to be done in 15 minutes.


... see more of my work in my Fake nude portfolio