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How to get your fake nude :

1 You have to be 18+, person on photo have to be 18+, you are not allowed to share or post fake picture, check out other terms and conditions
2 email me photo on
3 I will send email back to confirm if it can be done (it probably can)
4 make a payment for my work via Bitcoin (around 17 USD, less for simple work).
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How do I Bitcoin ?
– simple guide –

Bitcoin is a type of a currency and a digital payment system
To get started with Bitcoin, you need a bitcoin account, it`s called Bitcoin wallet. It`s free and you can sign up for it at many bitcoin wallet services.
One of most popular for US users is Coinbase
For Europe based users maybe Blockchain, one of most popular
There are many more Bitcoin wallet services, it takes simple Google search to find one that you like most.
After you set up your Bitcoin wallet, you can buy and sell Bitcoins using various payment methods your Bitcoin wallet service provide. When you get your Bitcoins, it is very easy to send or receive Bitcoins using your wallet, in secure and fast transactions.

Some resources about Bitcoin