Face swap nude fakes

Face swap fakes

Face swap nude requests are easier and cheaper than regular fake nudes, but they still turn out pretty awesome. With this request, you`ll get someone you know not only nude, but also in sexy pose.

Face swap nude fakes

Price for face swap fake is $14. If you decide to provide both face picture and body picture to make a fake, price goes down to $10. When looking for body picture, look for body with similar head pose and similar angle of the light source. Or you can leave that to me for that $4 difference

Anyway, here are some of my samples. I used celebrity faces for those samples. Proportions, color match, shadows and details is how you recognize quality face swap fake.


Face swap nude samples

Face swap hardcore fakes

If you like porn more than erotic pics, hardcore face swap would be choice for you. You can request a specific type of hardcore fake like bdsm fake, group sex, blowjob, DP, you name it. Price is $14 per fake, $10 if you provide sex picture – same as face swap nudes. To get best hardcore fakes, try to find a picture of a person you want with head pose and expression that might look like sex expression. That`s not a must, just a tip.

And now the important part: the samples. Also used celebrity faces for those.


Face swap hardcore samples

Cumshot facial fakes

I use real cumshot pictures to make facial cumshot fakes, I don`t draw them. Using real pictures as resources, I can make realistic facial fakes. High or low resolution, depending on original. You can make a facial cumshot fake request for only $10. Or add that to another fake nude or face swap request you are making.


Cumshot fake samples