Fake nude portfolio

Fake nude portfolio

( only work I am allowed to show )

Fake nudes or clothes removal fakes, as some people call them, are the most popular requests. I keep a background of the original picture, original skin and pose as much as I can. Price for the fake nude request is $17, lower for simpler fakes.


fakerayFakeray, but I will get back to this photo some day and make her fake nude. Such a hottie.. A bit over weight, but it fits her.

Did you ever notice how many pictures taken with crotch just barely out of frame? Why? WHY ?! 🙂



blond photoshop nudeNot too hard one actually. Still, there was some delicate work on this fake nude. Her hair required some work to keep original length and color. And of course, green ambient light. I used indoor pict with soft light for nude body, but Photoshop is powerful tool with custom filters.



photoshop toplessFake nude of girl tanning on beach. Dat boobs… Faking it took some time, mostly around hair. Hair over clothes always means work and you can never get it 100% right. But this babe was worth all the time faking it.

Oh yes.. There is also fakeray version here


photoshop clothesFake nude with full clothes removal. Clothes revealed her figure, so I didn`t have to guess. Ambiental lights with some soft shadows.. All in all, easy and quick shop. Bit work around her hands, hang her tits down and its done. Not a masterpiece, but it`s a decent fake nude.


ebony fake nudeDat pose.. Not that easy nude fake. I had to combine a couple of pictures to get that pose, balance colors, work on light glow to match original and all other stuff to get a decent fake. But that body was worth every second of effort.



best fake nudePosition of her hands made just impossible to find nude picture that will overlap them. So, I had to hand draw and improvise to make this fake nude. And it turned out great. Look at that armpit and curve from shoulder to breast. Colors, shadows, picture noise.. everything is nailed pretty good.


… there is more of my work on home page