Questions and answers

Common questions about requesting fake nude

If there is something else you would like to know that you can`t find here, send me an email, I`ll be happy to answer.

How do I request fake nude?

To request fake nude send me an email with a picture or pictures you want faked. I will reply to confirm if I can do it (I probably can), when it can be done and give you details for donation. Send email to

When will I get my fake?

Usually within a day. When you make a request, I will tell you when I can do it and reserve time to work on your fake nude. After donation I will confirm your donation and it will be scheduled for work.

Can I expect the same quality of fake nudes like in your portfolio?

Yes. I always do my best. And because of that, most of my customers are returning customers. It`s attention to details that make a good fake nude.

What are the payment methods?

I accept  Bitcoin.

Do you do previews?

I don`t, sorry. Making a preview requires the same amount of work as final fake and I usually don`t have time to work for 2 hours to make a preview.

Are there requirements to order a fake?

A person needs to be 18+ on the picture. Also, you need to be over 18. You may not share it. Please read Terms & conditions for this

Do you guarantee discretion?

Pictures and fake nudes will not be posted, shared or shown anywhere. Ever. Unless you give me permission to include your fake nude in my portfolio. Privacy is my top priority.

Can I share it or post it somewhere?

Nope. Fake nudes are made just for you. You may not share or post them or use them in any way that might disrespect or hurt someone.